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Veena Stores

" Veena Stores "

Location: Margosa road and 15th cross Junction in Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

Specialty: Popular for Idli - Wada and Khara Bhaat (Upma).

About the place:

Veena Stores is strategically located for good business. Right at the junction of 15th cross and Margosa road in Malleshwaram, very next to a bus stop. There are multiple reasons why this place is so much crowded. One being the location and the second and the Most important the kind of dishes that are available. Idli- wada and Khara Bhaat are most popular amongst the food lovers. The specialty being, the Idli just melts in your mouth. I swear, you dont even have to bite it. Keep it on your tongue and it melts, literally. Similarly with the upma that is made here. The upma is simply out of the world. The flavours are great and the aroma is heavenly. Cashew nuts that go into the 'tadka' with other masala add to the richness of this dish.

It also serves very popular south Indian dishes like Shaawage Bhaat (Sevvaiyan upma), Kesari bhaat (a sweet, that is normally in combination with Upma called 'Chow-Chow bhaat') etc. There have been many new additions into the menu recently. Poha, Sweet pongal, Pongal etc. Have had a privilege to taste all these dishes whenever i had wished to, as i stay very close to this place (Rajajinagar 1st block). What you don't get here is Sambaar for the dishes, but chutni for everything. There is a 'chutni man' standing outside the stall to serve people who have run out of chutni. Chutni is not very spicy but just right. Served with almost every dish at this place. Thats default. If you don't need chutni please let the serving man know in advance.

Every day scene:

Crowded place. Its always peak hours. Anyone who has a first look at this place from a distance keeps guessing whether a group of people arguing on the foot path or there is some interesting street show going on. The eatery opens at 7 every morning has its days break at 12. Reopens again at around 3 pm to close later in the day around 8.30 pm. Sundays open for half day. People come, enjoy their food and walk away with a happy tummy.

Ambiance is typical road side stall like. This shop has only one counter that serves food that is shared with the cashier standing at the corner. People just pop their hands out, order what they want, pay and collect the coupons for it. Rub your shoulder at the serving counter get your dish and happily enjoy standing on the clean Malleshwaram footpath. Yes, there are no seating arrangements. You can only call it a concrete road side stall, but that would not be nice to this place that serves the best south Indian Dishes.


Known to almost everyone who stay in Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar Area. It hits the news Papers every now and then. The owner proudly displays the published columns in his shop. People who have to catch their bus from this place have to have at least a coffee with single idli everyday. The morning and evening walkers also spend some time here. Its so popular that you should not be surprised if known public figure like Industrialists, Film stars, Politicians are seen enjoying their dish quietly in their parked cars in the next lanes. Have seen few Kannada movie stars myself, sending their drivers to get the dish and then lavishly enjoying it in their Mercs, BMWs and Porsches. Located next to a bus stop also attracts moving people easily.


Very down to earth. A plate Idli - Wada and a coffee should cost you not more than 20 Rupees. But of course, you will not stop at just one plate, I bet !!

Menu :

Shaawage Bhaat,
Khaara Bhaat,
Kesari Bhaat,
Sweet Pongal,
Avalakki bhaat (Poha),
Coffee, Tea
and some very nice Herbals Cool drinks.

Ratings out of 5 stars

Ambiance : ***
Food: *****
Value for money: **** and half


This is my entry to the online event - Latest eat-out in B'lore - hosted by .::Metamorphosis::.

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>>Crowded place. Its always peak hours

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