Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Violence is the essence of Islam

Violence spread out in parts of Karnataka protesting against an article that was published in a Kannada daily was really bad to witness. Senseless people always equally act senselessly. I have not got the opportunity to read the article that caused all of this chaos. But I am very sure, the content of this article is not against Islam or defamatory to Prophet Mohd. Why I am coming to this conclusion without reading the article is very simple. The Violence that spread around the world including parts of India protesting against the Danish Cartoons. I did not see a single reason that might be defamatory Islam or its believers then. Those were pretty simple cartoons and no abusive language too. The people against these cartoons cried foul and damaged property worth crores around the world. But when a Muslim Painter ( I call him road side painter) paints Gods of Other religion in Nude, the same people support the clown calling it freedom of art. Why cant the same logic be applied to the Danish cartoons? Why a double standard here? Because it is anti- muslim? No, the answer is simple. Hate towards other religion propogated by Islam makes them do this. Right from the days of the prophet till today we have witnessed only bloodshed, killings, Loot, Rape , desecration of worship places and the list goes long. So is it difficult to conclude that a religion that so intolerant from the days of its birth is not making a mountain of a mole? Ridiculous bastards.

The so called religion of peace ( as they try to propagate today around the world) has been the most intolerant religion in the history of this planet. Muslim scholars deny the fact and try propgating it as religion of peace. Have they ever read the history of Islam? Its is deliberate attempt to hide their true colours. From Mecca to Malayasia, and from Northern Europe to southern parts of Asia.From prophet Mohd to Bin Laden, it has only been killings of the infidels. Almost every chapter in the Quran is filled with hatred for other religions. It actually is a perfect guide and license to kill non-Muslims. Hadits, being the collection of the Chapters of Prophet's life, only teaches how to kill the non-Muslims. Muslim Scholars around the world justify the killings and the quotes supporting it that the quotes are only referring to the war against the Mushrifs of Mecca. Also, according to these scholars, a Muslim is supposed to kill non-Muslims as a last resort in self defense and not to Hate anyone just because he is a non-Muslim. A Muslim will resort to violence only in his defense to protect himself and his family's life from the non-Muslims. May I ask you Which Non-Muslims community has ever waged a war against the Muslims? None!!! It is the prophet who asked his followers to kill the infidels left, right and center, destroy anything that is non-Islamic. Rest of the world has only suffered the Islamic violence and not the other way around.

The tradition of in tolerance and killings is continued even today. Islam says "Kill all who are infidels, destroy everything that is not acceptable to Allah". Which God do u think propagates this hatred? The recent Beheading of our Sikh Brother in Pakistan is yet another example of their religious intolerance. If paying tax is haram in Islam, why jiziya ( tax on non-Muslims) is imposed on others? Why were the Bahamia Buddhas destroyed? Why US was attacked? Why India becomes the target of Islamic onslaught. Hindu is the only religion in the world which has never attacked or waged a war against any country or religion to expand its territory or to convert any non-Hindu. So why war against Hindus? This is only because the Islamic books and Hadits teach them and brain wash them to do so. Lets unitedly root them out to the last seed !

There is saying in Hinduism "When the light in the lamp is about to go off, it burns the brightest". Its high time that we understand that the Islamic world is about to go off the face of the planet, but not before causing more damage to the world. The time has come when we have to standup for our religion, for our family, for our country and extinguish the Islamic Fire. Its only then we can light a lamp of peace in front of our homes.

Bharat Mata ki Jai !!

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