Friday, October 19, 2012

Tomato Chutni - Bangalore Style

Tomato Chutni is a side dish eaten almost everywhere in the South India. Bangalore has its own variety and style of making the chutni. Bangalore style stands out as a little tangy and sweetish variety among all the varieties one can find in southern India. It is a perfect blend of mild spices with ripe tomatoes. I hope you all will like it.


1.  Red Tomatoes : 3-4 medium size. cut into small pieces.
2.  Tamarind : 1-2 small pieces.
3.  Urad Dal : 2 tbsp
4.  Asafetida (Heeng) : 1 pinch
5.  Red Chilli powder : 1-2 Tbsp
6.  Oil : 3-4 tbsp  ( I use 'til ka tel' or gingelly oil)
7.  Jaggery : 1 tbsp
8.  Sambar Powder: 1/2 tbsp


9.  Coriander seeds : 1 Tbsp
10. Fenugreek Seed / Methi seeds : 1/4 tbsp
11. Cumin seeds : 1 Tbsp
12. white pepper seeds: 2-3

13. Salt to taste.


Step 1. Tamarind pulp : Soak tamarind in warm water for 5 mins. Squeeze out all the pulp and keep aside.

Step 2. Powder:  Ingredients (9-12 )dry roast without any oil. Make fine powder. keep aside.

Step 3. Heat oil in a wide pan + Add  2 tbsp Oil + When the oil is hot, add chopped tomatoes. Cook tomatoes on medium heat for about 2 mins. Once they soften add tamrind pulp and shredded jaggery. Cook for 2 more mins until the raw smell of the tomatoes and tamarind goes away.

Step 4. Mash the tomatoes coarsely while it is cooking. Take out all the tomato mixture. Keep aside.

Step 5. Dry the pan and put it on flame again. Heat 2-3 Tbsp oil + add urad dal and fry till they turn reddish brown.

Step 6. Add heeng +  Red chilli powder + Powder made in Step 2. Fry for a min or two on medium heat.

Step 7. Add the tomato mixture prepared in step 4 and cook for 3-4 mins. + Add Sambaar powder + salt. Simmer for a minute.

Tomato chutni is traditionally eaten with steamed rice mixed with a tablespoon of ghee. One can also eat it with hot buttered Phulkas or Rotis.

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