Monday, June 15, 2009

Why do I end up writing on food?

I have been wondering all these days why I end up writing all my posts on food... Strange ! Personally speaking, I have varied ideas and vast topics on which I can write and share with you all. Somehow I end up writing only on food and publish it. Today, when I published the post on Brindavan Hotel, I felt it even very strongly. Read all my posts again with utmost care and detailed eye.... I smelt food again !!

Ooooppps, I have had enough on the blogger about food... So what all can I write on? Our great country - Bharat, History and lessons learnt, Science and Technology, Travel, Photography, Fitness, Clothing, Market, Office culture, Religion etc .... The list is actually never ending...I Plan to make sections for each of these topics and write...See you there

Support me all along and keep commenting...Happy blogging.

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