Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why am I Happy on YSR's Death?

Hello Friends,

I had put up a message on my orkut account reflecting my happiness on YSR's death. Not to my surprise, I had a flood of scraps and notes from many of my friends showing difference of opinion. People asking me how come I can be happy on somebody's death. Dead is dead and why I should be putting comments on a public platform or social networking site like Orkut ? On the face of it they are right. I don't deny that. Anyone when alive has religion, sex, caste etc attached to him/her. Once the person is dead he/she is no one but the past tense. Why be so sentimental about it?

For me, there are two kinds of people on this earth. One is good and the other not so good. YSR falls in the second category. People who are not so good are either born black sheep, or lack of opportunity makes them a bad person. YSR since becoming the CM of Andra Pradesh was involved in Large scale conversions of poor Hindu people in the tribals belt to Christianity. My investigation in these years show me a staggering figure of 20% of AP region is Christian today by the grace of YSR. Following any religion is not a crime nor is conversion, until and unless u are not hurting sentiments of other people and cause social dis-Harmony.

Some factual and true allegations against YSR.

1. More than 500 Hindu temples destroyed in the last 6 years. Hindu temples have become a joke for the Govt and have been given no support to carry on their practices. Most Money making (thru donations and funds) temples are taken over by Govt and the money is being mis-utilized to convert people. what a day are we here to witness. Hindus funding their temples to get converted to Christianity !

2. The world's Richest temple, Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam (TTD) as we know was always under the Govt. The money of this rich temple was taken out by the govt in the name of welfare of the poor and being used for converting Hindus. Pamplets were being distributed by missionaries for not to attend or visit temples. They have set up 70 churches on the main Tirumala Hill and writing derogatory statements against the peace loving Hindus and their beliefs. 70 churches on Tirumala Hill !! Where did all the money come from? Why are churches being built on Tirumala hill? Why not other places? How dare Christ followers are writing dirty about Hindus Gods? Who is backing them up? If not Govt, then who?

YSR himself being a Christian , do u think he would not have supported this? The Temple authorities' religion is changed, they have been converted. The people who make the delicious Laddoos for prasadam, the temple Barbers who shave devotees' heads willing to give away their hair for the God, the cleaners, security are all Christian today...!!

3. 2 among the 7 Sacred Hills belonging to TTD were auctioned for sale and guess who won the bid, none other than Missionaries! Do u smell something rotten? If Missionaries dont have money, where is the money coming from to buy such high priced land? There has been a Stay order now against the sale after a massive awareness effort by the pro Hindu Nationalist organizations. The YSR govt justified the sale/auction of the hills by saying TTD did not have enough Liquidity funds to run its machinery!! World's richest temple which recieves funds close to 2 million dollars everyday does not have money? So easy to gimmic and fool poor and innocent Hindus.

4. Christian Subsidy to travel to Jerusalem for Christians. What a shame !! Why cant Christians of India look towards their own country for Holy places? Why Jerusalem? Why cant Indian churches be Indianized and have their Independent mechanism? While Hindus are given zero Subsidy to visit their Holy places why Subsidy to Muslims and Christians? That too from the hard earned Tax money of the Hindus.

Coming back on rejoicing on the death of so called good CM of the poor ,YSR, I am happy not on his death, but I expect the Inter faith conflicts raised up by his rule would come down. I only expected a double bonus if his Son also were to be in that chopper that day. Not so lucky! Why should one not rejoice on the death of a devil who did not respect other religions? When we can celebrate Deepavali for its history, Dasara for history why not YSR's death? I did, not on an individual's death but on the death of the Devil and its direct outcomes.

Being good and true is always the Dharma followed by every Hindu. Being ignorant and over-complacent in the name of Peace is what is killing Hindus from inside. This is very well described in Bhagwad Geeta as "Sajjan Vikruti" One cannot be immune to evil happenings in the name of being good. Every man is a Kshatriya in his own terms. As and when required the Kshatriya inside us has to wake up to the call of the society and fight for it. Now its the right time.

Jai Shri Ram,

Bharat Mata ki Jai.


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