Thursday, September 16, 2010

Killing as usual !!

Killing as usual !!

I was reading an article in a news daily which estimates 6 million cows from India every year are illegally taken away to Bangladeshi slaugther houses. Mind you, this is only an estimate. This figure is for illegally abducted cows across border. The meat is more than 60% of the total meat produced and consumed in entire Bangladesh. What caused the Bangladeshi to consume so much beef? Answer is simple. 80% of the population in B'Desh is muslim. Today there are around 280 million cows in India that produce 100 million tones of Milk every year. In 1947 the cattle population was about 45 crores. Within 60+ years we have reduced its population by 40%, which is very sharp.

Majority of the cattle that is slaughtered is for beef. It is utterly false that the cattle is killed for leather industry. The leather industry has been 'growing' in India because muslim/christian population (beef eaters) is increasing. 95% of the Merchants in leather industry are muslims and only a handful of Hindus are into this business. More the eaters, more the leather is produced and not other way round. India is second largest exporter of leather goods in the world now!

How to stop cattle killing:

1. Implement the anti-cow slaugther bill strictly.
2. Stop issuing new licenses to leather manufactures.
3. Raid muslim areas for illegal slaugther houses, punish them severely.
4. Promote Vegetarnism.
5. Promote cow based industry like dairy.
6. Stop cow smuggling across border and declare it anti-national. Make a separate law for anti-cow smuggling.
7. Educate everyone the importance cow in Hindu/Indian society.
8. Crack down on the existing leather product manufacturers for acquired illegal licenses.
9. Promote Indian/environment friendly farming techniques.

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