Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cauliflower and Carrot Subji


1. Cauliflower: Cut into flowerets 200 gm,
2. Carrots diced: 150 gm
3. Potato diced: Small
4. Coriander powder: 1/2 Tsp
5. Coriander leaves: Handful
6. Turmeric powder: 1/2 Tsp
7. Salt: To taste
8. Jeera: 1 Tsp
9. Ginger: About a inch, grated.
10. Red chili Powder 1/2 Tsp
10. Mustard oil 3-4 Tbsp


--> Heat oil on high flame so that the strong smell of the mustard oil goes out.
--> Lower the flame and add Jeera. Fry until it crackles.
--> Add Potatoes and fry till light golden brown.
--> Add coriander powder, turmeric powder, ginger, red chili powder. Fry for about a 30 sec to 1 min.
--> Add cauliflower and carrots.
--> Add salt and give a bit of water ( 1/4 cup if required). Close the pan with a lid till all the veggies are cooked properly.
--> Stir occasionally.
--> Once all the veggies are cooked, add coriander leaves and saute.

Serve Hot and Enjoy !!


Kalpana said...

Kya baat hai . extra points for presentation :)

Vishwanath Gaitonde said...

Thanks Kalpana :)