Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Wrong Move

I have few concerns genuinely with the whole campaign of Bharat Swabhimaan even though I am a fond follower of Swami RamDevji Maharaj, whom we fondly call Babaji. The intention with which Babaji has started this revolution is undoubted. But entering politics by floating a new party against two major national parties is foolishness. I may be wrong, but I dont want to be proved right. As this would only bring the downfall of our beloved Babaji and waste of lots of donated money (forget about geting back the money from Swiss bank).

Bharat Swabhimaan talks the same language, same intentions, same goals as VHP, RSS and their sister organizations do. But to be politically right, Babaji never utters the word HINDU. I am a proud Hindu and say it everywhere, anywhere, anytime. What Babaji talks and intends to make will ultimately be called a "Hindu Rashtra". Why cant Babaji and Bharat Swabhimaan Andolan act as catalyst to promote BJP openly? We have enough parties in our country. Corrupt people are everywhere, even in BJP. We can take them off through a good Swabhiman Andolan. If Babaji floats a new party say XYZ, it is only going to divide the most precious Hindu votes. Take the example of MNS, Shiva Sena and BJP in MH during the lok sabha election. MNS got maximum votes which used to be Shivsena's votes, BJP faced bad vote percentage. Who won ? Congress!! Actually in the context of this, if only BJP were to be contesting elections without MNS and Shivsena, BJP would have got atleast 25 seats more alone in MH. Which means forming a Govt at the centre. Which inturn means development!! Learning from this lesson which has burnt fingers badly, do u think another party is needed which will split Hindu votes again? Anyway Muslims and Christians are never going to vote for either Babaji, BJP, MNS etc. Small neglible number of such good ppl who do vote, will never be significant. Babaji's party will only mean another term for Anti- National, Dynasty ruled Congress. !!

Coming to the people who will be representing Babaji's party in elections will have to be carefully chosen. History speaks for itself of how people change and become corrupt when they enter politics. More and more power to those people who were never known to be in the public domain or social work will become corrupt easily. Politics of today demands everyone to be a crook, even if you dont wish to be. Look at Yedyurappa's son's landscams!! Whether the CM is involved or not, his close associates and relatives will be. For no mistake of his, the Karnataka CM is given enough nightmares. Do you think the rest of political arena will leave any chances of maligning our beloved Babaji? He may not escape even if there is single but a big scandal from his own associates! Remember, he himself is amongst last big fishes who are still clean. If the Italian born can malign the Kanchi Shankaracharyaji falsely and get him arrested on the day of Deepawali , it can happen to our Babaji too. Babaji is playing his future in the hands of Congress. If the Bharat Swabhimaan Andolan fails to get enough support, it means it looses elections. It also means people who have hugely donated their hard earned and black money will only question the intention on Babaji. Protests, disappointments, anger, agony, pain will all burst like a angry volcano and burn the big dream into ashes. Babaji who is known as the yogic Hero of our times will be reduced to a political Zero. Such a failure can never bring back the fan following in future. Babaji has to recall what He has promised himself and the country, a country free of diseases, starvation, agony, pain and self pity.

One wrong move can potentially lock all doors of the Patanajali Yog Peeth! One wrong move can convert Babaji's followers into his enemies. One wrong move could never get back Babaji's image world over. One wrong move can shatter Babaji's empire and also a country future. A dream of confident, patriotic, scientific, highly educated country will be shattered once again.

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