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Not so friendly Colas

Coke and Pepsi:

With so much hype around these aerated drinks, i was curious to know what goes into making of these so called soft drinks. Are they really soft on us? I was stunned to know from my study in the last few months of what goes into making of these world cola drinks. With this article I would like to touch few areas of our life which affect us so very much but we are made unaware ( Yes, we are MADE unaware on purpose). I have gone through quite a few articles, facts, statistics by major agencies etc and thought of summarzing all of them into my blog here.

First, are these drinks good for us? Do they bring any benefit? Can these drinks be subsituted for water (almost as they do in US)? The contents are shocking and so are the results.

Apart from water and loads of Sugar syrup whatelse do these drinks contain? Answer is "POISON". These contents below are found in the lab tests done by various agencies in India and abroad including FDA USA and FDA India. There are about 14 - 15 posionous contents that make our colas. I have mentioned the prominent and most destructive contents.

Mono sodium glutamate (Cancerous) : Banned in many countries including India for its cancerous properties. Coke and Pepsi like companies never mention about these contents.

Pottasium sorbate (Cancerous): Regular colas consumers have been reported to have Migrane attacks and lack of Hunger. Regular consumption leads to cancer in the stomach. Potassium Sorbate is acceptable food preservative found in many of the ready food around the world. But the permisiable limit is 12.5 mg/kg for a adult human. Colas contain 2 times more than this limit. Report from WHO and FDA America.

Brominated Vegetabe Oil(Cancerous): Now I've come across information of this dangerous additive that is found in the citrus flavored type sodas or drinks, such as Mountain Dew, Fanta, and is even found in the power drinks, such as the familiar Gatorade, and that is the additive of Brominated Vegetable Oil or BVO. The real kicker in all this is that BVO has actually been banned in over 100 countries, and even the FDA considers this additive as unsafe, yet, so far, no measures have been taken to ban it's usage here in India.

Methyl Benzene (affects the Kidneys): Lab results around the world have shown regular consumption of Coke and Pepsi lead to Kidney disfunction.

Methyl Benzoate
(Liver and urinal cancerous) : Like Methyl Benzene tests have shown how this lethal content called Methyl Benzoate affects our Liver and Urinal system.

Endo Sulpane: This ingredient probably is most dangerous and fast affecting agents in the colas drinks. Endo Suplhane is used as pesticides in farming. Very popular among farmers worldwide. In the name of Green Revolution in India, chemical fertilizer were introduced in our farming techniquies. Since then Endo Sulphane is the highest selling pesticide in the country. We dont need any lab tests to make us understand what pesticide do to our Intestine.

Carbon Di-Oxide : Our human body is designed to leave CO2 out and consume more oxygen. With Colas as our daily suppliment we have been playing 'cat and mouse' with death everyday. How far do we think we can cheat nature and win over it.

Phosphoric Acid : Acidic nature of any given liquid is measured in terms os PH level of that liquid. Clean potable water is considered to have a ph level of 7. Anything below ph level 7 becomes more acidic. Smaller the value of the ph, more acidic the liquid is. Highly concentrated acid are supposed to have a ph level of 1. The ph contents of coke and pepsi are found to be 2.5 which is higher than that of found in the toilet cleaners used domestically. No doubt why Coke and Pepsi should not be called as 'Toilet cleaners' and not soft drinks. This is on record and aired many times on TV channels that road Accident spots in US are cleaned by pouring Coke and washing the blood stains. A lab test by FDA India has shown that coke produced in India is 40 times more acidic and posionous than its American produce.

Whatelse is the loss to our nation apart from health concerns?

Economic loss:

A bottle of cola is produced at a cost less than 1 Indian rupee. Sold at 12-14 rupees for a regular size bottle. Statistics of number of bottles of colas produced in a year by Coke and Pepsi alone in India is 800 Crores. If you multiple 800 crores by 14 rs this comes close to rs.11200 crores. Just these two Anti National and Anti human companies stash away 11200 crores of rupees every year from our country to US.

Ill effects on Nature and our farmer brothers:
Each factory of Coke and Pepsi pumps out 1 million litre of fresh ground water from our land every day. And it does not even pay water bills for it. But pays only taxes for its sales. What is the result of such high water pumping? These factories are normally situated outside the city limits on our farming lands. The farm lands have dried up and the agricultural yield around these factories has gone down 50 times. Why so? Thats because of reseding ground water level and infertile land. I will bring to your notice what happened in Kerala's Coke factory case. More than 7000 farmer brothers were jobless and yieldless after the COke factory came up. The farm lands were sold to Coca cola at nominal prices and the farmers' suffered to even get two meals a day. The reseding water levels dried up all nearby borewells and wells. After 5 years of struggle and judicial fight the coca cola factory was asked to stop functioning in that area. It was too late by then. More than 50 farmers had committed suicides and 400 farmers were landless.

What it brings to us is the 'High' probabilty of these following things ..

Calcium defecincy in Bones and teeth.
Arthritis and 38 more Diseases or disorders.

Other than gifting us the more than 40 kinds of deadly dieases it leaks out money to pharmaceutical companies like Pfiser etc. A recent survey done in the entire country tell us that we spend around 2 Lakh crores of rupees annually alone on diseases that are directly caused by junk foods like Coke. Wondering what a bottle of coke can do to a country on a larger perspective. On a whole Cola bottle is costing us 2 lakh 15 thousand crores annually.

Choose your drink properly, switch to Fresh juices !!

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