Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Larger issues, Do we care ??

Larger issues !!

A reaction from my female colleague sparked this article and write up. We were watching the news played in our canteen. A teen aged girl killed by policemen in the state of UP. This news is being shown for more than two days now and in the intention that UP state govt does not care for the murder. Ofcourse we all know what is the state of development in UP. I commented looking at the news " This cant be a National news there are even bigger issues in the country and this does not hold good enough to be shown 40 times in a day". My colleague's reaction " You dont find a teenage Girl's death a national news, then whatelse can be?" and she walked away.

Now You decide:

Ofcourse any death specially murder of a girl is condemnable and is shame for the society. Where are all our virtues and respect for the women that our society boasts of ? We see in her Saraswati, Durga, Laxmi, Kali and how do we allow our girls being raped and killed by rogue policemen and yet no action is taken? Valid, very valid !! This is indeed a National shame, for our sisters are under constant threat of abuse and we do nothing but wait for a justice system to help us. But is the only thing that is important in the society and specially today when we are on the verge a total collapse?

China is threatening our borders and abused our soverinity so many times in the recent past. How many times is this shown on the TV and people know about it? Chinese goods enter our market as of we dont produce anything in our country. How many self styled and tradtional toy making small scale industries have stopped after the Chinese goods entered? Are the families dependant on toy making not suffering? Are their girl children not suffering a slow death? There are 100s of suicide cases in India after the 'open market' system was passed. Is this suffering in any way smaller than a girl's death?

Pakistan, our friendly neighbour sends suicide bombers and kill our fellow brothers and sisters everyday. Is the death of a girl not seen there? Cant you open your eyes then? Our army men are killed day in and day out and for what? Because they are soldiers and are ready to die for us? How moral is this? They are the special children of our country, for they are the ones who take bullets in their chest and yet die for us with a smile on their face. Are we showing this on a TV making it a national issue? Does this ever gather social momentum in favour of our martyred soldiers? Where are the human rights when our soldier brothers are bombed and killed in the midnight sleep? Is this a smaller issue than a girl's death in a rogue killing?

When Babas and Swami are on fast, ready to die for a cause which can give us a bright future, govt abuses them and calls them anti-National. Did this ever become a National Shame? Did you all speak up at the loudest of your voice and say 'they are fighting for us and we will not tolerate any insult to our Sadhus' ? Where were all your morals when Saints were swooped in the midnight raid and beaten black and blue? Where were all the sentiments when a women was beaten on her spine and parallized for life? Is this not a shame on our society that we keep quiet when our saints are attacked and the corrupt rule us? Is this bigger than a girl's death in a rogue killing?

Fanatic muslims train their 'good' looking boys to hook up with non-muslim girls in our country. Win their trust, impress them with expensive gifts, promise them of a life time commitment, and later throw them like waste dumps once they have their satisfied hunger for lust! Make them pregnant , take videos of their private life and threat them to convert to Islam. There are 1000s of cases pending in Kerala alone where muslims boys have promised the girls to marry, force them to convert to islam, ask them stop talking to their family as they are non-muslims, take the girls to Arab countries and sell them to wealthy sheiks or use them as prostitutes. Our blood boils to see our sisters tortured by muslims goons. This is happening in all parts of the world, specially Bharat as it is good place to brain wash our innocent sisters and as we are non-Muslims. Does our heart say a atleast a ufff for your sisters? or is this a smaller issue than a girl's rogue murder?

Have a heart, a open heart for all that is happening in the country. Ofcourse death is a death. But death of the special 'brothers' called soldiers is far more important than a just everyday murder. If we are not in position to give a decent life for our solider, we hold no esteem to ask "oh! A girl's death is not a National news for you" ?

In the 'larger' interest of the society and our country.

--- Vishwanath Gaitonde

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