Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leaders dont Quit, they Fight !

My views on "Kejriwal, the U-Turn man"

Its quite ironical to see AK quit when he had all the powers in hand. When he did not have anything, he did not quit. He was a part of revolution  which later became a political outfit to fight the same cause.  If he did not quit under such tremendous pressures ( as he claims) then, why did he quit now?  Did he crush the golden egg or  did he kill the goose which laid golden eggs?

I am of the firm belief that this was all well planned and orchestrated with congress. As per AK he laid his life for the Jan Lokpal bill, and he quit!  Thats it AK ? Ran out of gas? You were here to change the politics.. remember the famous dialogue to TV channel you made before elections? "Asli rajneeti toh Lal Bahadur shastriji ne ki thi, baaki sab ne sirf  desh ko loot ke khaya hai, ab hum inhe rajneeti karna sikhayenge ".

He could not take even the slightest of criticism against him  and left his followers (aaptards) like loose  raging bulls in all media possible. Forget about the social media where every aaptard thought he was the greatest item girl in the business. What Kujli says is the word of God, without even thinking twice. You AK, you could not even take .000001% of the criticism that NaMo has gone through in the last 14 years.  NaMo stood his ground, worked, toiled hard to achieve the promised and the unpromised, the possible and the impossible.  Like everyone, you and your English educated imperialist buffoons called NaMo  communal, murderer and what not. You went a step ahead and called him the most corrupt. Do you even know what he has achieved in the last 14 years? Did you ever visit Gujrath and see the change for yourself?  Did  you meet those people who are living peacefully because they know NaMo  will not let them down ? or are you dumb enough not to witness it?  We need leaders who work, not who keep criticizing others. We need leaders working selflessly whether you make any promises or not. We need leaders who listen to us, not  who impose their dictatorship on us. We hoped you would not let the voters down, because they saw sincerity in your eyes, your words and your public behavior. Sorry, you not only let the voters down, you let down the democracy which gave you the fame you were not destined to.  You supported spammers, porn film makers, gundas, anti-national Maoists sympathizers, Kashmiri separatists, rapists, women abusers, defaulters from every day life to gravest criminals. You rewarded them by calling them "responsible and social workers".  Did you ever think at least once how is the voter feeling when you did all this?  Is this  the sham game you were in for? I pity the people who voted you. Now look at their faces, how badly you have let them down. How badly you have let yourself down. How badly you have left our democracy down.

Your game is over. You drama has ended. Find a new job!  You kicked your own fortune. You will not be called a martyr but a "looser"!  NaMo is taking Bharat ahead. And you, wanted to chase him down and crush him, when you had not even started crawling and knew how to change your nappies... Dreaming is good, but day dreaming leaves you no where. Thank you for entertaining us, we had a jolly good time. And absolutely no thanking you for letting everyone down and wasting crores of rupees for your everyday monkey adventures.

Remember AK, "LEADERS DON'T QUIT, THEY FIGHT".  God favors the 'brave' not the one who runs away with their tails hid between the legs.

Bharat Maata ki Jai.

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Shakuntala said...

The western educated anti-nationals call it a narrative! It is surprising that even the India - born naive citizens think that he is a great reformer! Anyone followed the dates of Baba Ramdev's planned rally against black money and the sudden eruption of IAC movement subverting the attention of public, later Kejri using the IAC platform to move a political (?) entity and his current game plan in connivance the "holier than thou" teams and their funds are just points to prove their misadventure aptly.