Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stuffed Capsicum / Bharwan Shimla Mirch

Stuffed capsicum is an exotic Indian side dish which can be made with a variety of stuffing. This itself can become a wholesome meal if stuffed with spiced rice.  Two most loved stuffing are given below. Paneer and Soya granules.

Capsicums : Large : Coloured : 3-4
Paneer : cut into small cubes : 100 gm
Soya Granules : Soaked in water till they swell. Squeeze off excess water : handful

Fresh Green Peas : 1 cup
Ginger : grated  : 1 inch
Tomato : diced small : 2 medium sized.
Onion : finely chopped : 2 medium Sized.
Garlic : Paste : 1 tbsp
Green chillies : finely chopped : 2-3
Coriander Leaves : Chopped  : Handful

Spices :

Garam masala
Paprika / Deghi Mirch
Coriander powder : 1 tbsp
Amchur / Dry mango powder : 1/4 tbsp.

Salt to taste
Oil : 5-6 tbsp
Lemon Juice : 1 tbsp

Note : From the above ingredients (except Paneer and Soya) use equal portions (half) for each stuffing preparation.

Method :

1 : Cut Capsicums into bowls as given below. Apply oil inside and outside with hands.

a. In a deep Wok, fry green chillies + add onions once green chillies blister. Saute until Onions turn pink.
b. Add grated ginger and garlic paste. Cook till the raw flavor of the ginger and and garlic is released.
c. Add  tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes.
d. Add green peas + Soya Granules + cook for 2 mins.
e. Add all the spices cook for 5 mins.
f. Add Salt + 1/2 spoon of oil for the extra glaze on the stuffing. Add coriander leaves and mix.
g. Stuff the above prepared mixture in the capsicum bowl very tight. Use the top portion of the capsicum like a lid and close tight
h. Grill the capsicums for 10 mins at 180 degree Celsius.

With Paneer stuffing : Repeat the same steps from A to H. Do not add Amchur powder. Amchur does not go well with Paneer. Add lemon juice at the end. Rest all the steps remain same.

Tip : If you do not have an oven or microwave to do this, you can make use of flat pan (Tawa).  Before you stuff the capsicum, blister them on the tawa from all the sides till you get a good colour. Stuff the capsicum tight. Fry them on the  tawa with little oil and keep them covered for 8 to 10 mins and it should be done.
To seal the capsicum lid, use toothpicks.

I prepared this dish on the tawa and not in Microwave.

Enjoy the dish as an accompaniment with rice or as an evening snack. :)

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